6th Floor Enthusiast

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audio (10.5 min.)

Rather than “tune out” the constant “practice noise” coming from the practice rooms in 8 the Fenway, what would happen if you really “tuned in”?  Would it become “practice music”?  Or would “tuning in” just bore you to tears?  Listening to 6th Floor Enthusiast allows the listener to perhaps answer some of these questions  The five movements (played uninterrupted) of 6th Floor Enthusiast each represent a moment in time on the 6th floor of 8 the Fenway, and all the sounds in 6th Floor Enthusiast are created from field recordings made in that location.  The piece is in five parts:

I. 8 o’clock AM
II. 12 o’clock PM
III. 4 o’clock PM
IV. 8 o’clock PM
V. 32 o’clock